• provide an international and ecumenical organisation for those who work in Churches with pastoral care, education, and diaconal work among Deaf People.

• provide regular training opportunities through conferences, seminars, workshops, and other appropriate means

• encourage and extend ministry among Deaf People by exchanging experiences and information, and by providing opportunities for instruction and advanced training for those involved in Deaf Ministry, especially in mission areas and developing countries.

• share and exchange information and ideas primarily through the organisation’s web-site.


• advance the right of deaf people to take a full part in the life and leadership of the Church.

• encourage and enable deaf people to speak on their own behalf and encourages them to teach and guide members of IEWG, hearing churches, and society, and to help others understand the language and culture of the deaf community.

• promote the right of deaf people to use sign language in the Church, particularly in liturgical settings.

 • encourage the provision of properly trained pastors, catechists, and deacons among deaf people.


Members of the IEWG are persons on behalf of churches, religious groups, and denominations.

Denominations represented in the IEWG association: 

Lutheran Church of Norway
Lutheran Church of Finland
Lutheran Church of Sweden
United Church of Germany
Catholic Church of Italy*
Anglican Church of Northern Ireland*
Anglican Church of England

(* vacant at the moment)

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